The Resort Collection


Despite the travails of the past year, NUDRESS™ never stopped believing in the power of fashion, and all the work around it, the sun is out, summer is around the corner and the flowers are blooming. It would be difficult to outshine the saturated primary colors we used generously here on those pieces.

We are always pushing forward in terms of palette and technique. In this Resort Collection, we increasingly tried to translate the luxury and simplicity of daywear; this effort remains a work in progress.

Luxury casual is a relative term in the NUDRESS™  world; it’s best translated by a relatively understated and chic look, yet simple look for everyday luxury, revealing a glimpse of the thigh or torso without employing slits or cutouts.


Available online and in-store May 11, 2022 10pm GST

12 looks - made to order

Avilavilbity - 1 pc /look/size

Designed and hand-made in-house

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